How it All Began

August 19, 2017

As we were exiting to go to south of the border and we noticed a homeless man down in the ravine with a tent and a guitar. So we went to Pedro's pantry and we shopped for all the things he would need and then some we came back to the exit and pulled over and he ran up the hill to greet us. While we were praying with him 60 cars passed him coming and going hundreds of people must see him a day wherever he is yet he is invisible don't drive by somebody stop and help them out!

So that day we helped out Stephen, which led to me literally shopping to fill my trunk with “blessing bags” on steroids. BUT then it developed forward to January 2019 and the blessing bags have morphed into a mini van full of jackets, hats, shoes, clothing, food, gloves, hats, tents, sleeping bags etc. I see someone, I stop. it’s that join me. YOU can ride along with me, donate items, or give a monetary donation. I will be working on obtaining a 501C3 this year. But please don’t let that make you wait to give today!

God Bless You,

Tracy P Barton Niles

Jordan DiFernando